About us

The Company

ALEGNAA designs quality afro-classic garments for individuals using our unique approach to print placement and choice of vibrant colours to make clients stand out and stand tall. We have become known for our classic and chic jackets, wrap and shirt dresses which can be used for different occasions. Our image consulting services work with individuals and organisations to achieve their desired goal.


We believe when one looks good, it gives them confidence, that is why our experienced seamstresses and tailors painstakely make quality outfits using a combination of hand and machine processes to craft products inhouse, whilst our consultants work with clients to find their own personal style for self expression.


We are commited to producing sustainably, hence we design with the aim of minimizing waste by utilizing every piece of fabric. The fabric scraps: by-product of the production process is used to make other products such as doormats.

We offer fair wages to all our employees and training opportunities to better equip them to meet the demands of the industry.


Under our mentorship programme, we empower young underprivileged individuals by offering them free skills training and employement after successful training. A percentage of our sales proceeds is used to support our mentorship programme, so style up in one of our chic pieces, stand out and be delighted that you are supporting a good cause. We also open our doors on career days to private and public schools to offer interested students first-hand experience into a career in fashion design.

ALEGNAA, we design, educate, and empower.


Our Vision

To build a world-class garment manufacturing and sales company to meet the needs of our clients whilst creating employment for the youth.

Our Mission

To design, develop, and style our clients with quality garments.

Our Value Proposition

We design outfits using our unique approach to placement of prints and choice of vibrant colors, constructing all our products inhouse using a combination of hand and machine processes thus making our well-tailored pieces offer optimal balance between value, style, and quality, making Alegnaa Angels stand out and stand tall for every occasion.

Our Founder


In 2015, after an extensive two (2) decades career in administration and banking, Angela Adu-Awuah founded Alegnaa Fashion House. This journey started eighteen (18) years earlier when during her maternity leave, Angela decided to spend part of her leave with her daughter in a basket at a neighbour’s sewing workshop. This helped her gain some skills to sew for her daughter just as her mother had done for her sisters and herself whilst growing up. She was ecstatic to make her first dress for her baby girl and was eager to continue but the demands of her corporate life, continuously educating herself plus raising children, made her put this new skill on the back burner.


When she could no longer suppress the longing of her heart, she undertook formal design training at JACCD and started Alegnaa with custom-made prom dresses which exhibits her chic and classy style for clients who desire to stand out and stand tall.


A year into running the business, Alegnaa opened a classy boutique in Accra, Ghana with a ready-to-wear, moderate line of afro-classic jackets, wrap and shirt dresses. It is with great joy that Angela and her team is honored to share their passion for fashion with you through Alegnaa.


Meet The Team


Why We Care

We believe in the youth especially the girl child and we show that by equipping them with employable skills and allowing them to explore their creativity through the art of making quality clothes and accessories.

Would you like to help us equip young, ambitious, hardworking but underprivileged individuals?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then own a chic Alegnaa outfit for self-expression whilst lending a hand in training an underprivileged youth with employable skills.

We believe by helping our clients find their style and express themselves through fashion, they will in turn support a good cause.

We are, because of you our valued clients.

ALEGNAA, Stand Out, Stand Tall!